Green Friday is a kickback against the rampant consumerism of Black Friday. The
idea is to encourage environmentally conscious purchases and healthy lifestyles instead of mindless mass consumption – something we are behind 100%!
Did you know Black Friday wasn’t even a thing in the UK as recently as 2010?
Amazon imported it from the good ole US of A where it originally began as a way to get people into the shops after a heavy Thanksgiving (The last Thursday in November, hence the Friday part). Now it’s a firmly established event in our retail calendar and in fact is even more of a Black MONTH!
Don't get us wrong, we ALL love a bargain, right? Everyone is at it, from luxury brands and high-end brands to your local hairdressers. An effervescent commercial frenzy encouraging you to BUY BUY you really need it all though? We're not getting too preachy as we, probably more than most people, love our gadgets and electronics but is it really more stuff we need, or even really want? For poor mother nature, it means more emissions, more packaging and more waste choking up our planet and environment.
Don't even get us started on COP26...but needless to say, with world leaders failing to deliver the changes needed to protect our planet and its most vulnerable people, we believe it’s down to each of us to do as much as we can. Millions of small changes and steps add up to make a huge leap. So, what are we asking?
Turn your back on Black Friday. Be the Change. There, we said it! 
You probably have all you need anyway and instead, get out into nature!  Enjoy our amazing planet and remember to leave nothing but footprints. 
It’s also a great way to de-stress and re-charge.
Here are some brands we're working with, or have been speaking to, that are focusing on more eco-friendly or sustainable products.
 Boards 360 . Surf, SUP and Skate equipment and apparel.
Gravity - Powering the next generation of SMART campuses. A blueprint for a smarter, cleaner future.
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