The client was Rethink Mental Health. Rethink are the first UK-wide mental health and money advice service dedicated to offering practical support on a wide range of mental health advice topics such as diagnosis, treatment, welfare benefits and carers rights.
The interviews were surrounding mental health issues, specifically patients who had issues with mental health and who had been misdiagnosed, symptoms ignored or told their symptoms would just go away by GPs.  
The Setup
The setup was a simple two person chat around a table. We had a plant for additional interest and even added a plate of doughnuts that Sue from Rethink provided! It's important to note that the people talking were actors and not the subjects of the reports that were being recorded.
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Camera kit used included:
• 2 x Canon c200 Cinecams tight in on each person talking.
     Canon ef 24-70mm f/2.8L II @ f/2.8 and 50mm 
     Canon ef 50mm f/1.2 @ f/2,8

• Canon EOS R for a wide shot of both of the people talking
     Canon rf 24-105 f/4L

• Canon R6 for a studio wide angle for a couple shots of the whole setup
     Canon ef 16-35 f/2.8L III + ef-rf adaptor

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Thank you!
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