Hi Nick, please find the proofs for your new product range below! We think they look FANTASTIC and we're sure you'll do very well with them!  As you can see we have all the products, 17 in total, on white background with a couple angles and a couple lifestyle shots for each too. We agreed a very low price (£10 per product) to get the initial work done so you could see what we can do.

Some of the products could do with that extra step of lifestyle photography (and also video work which is amazing for social media) but now that we have all the products here and you've seen what we can do we'd like the chance to go that step further with just a couple of ideas like the back of someone in the shower holding the back scrubs, the razor shaving a guys face, the toothbrush having toothpaste applied etc and all in the same location which we have access to and really feel it compliments your branding and colours.  If you would like us to do this let us know and we can work out a fee as we'd need a couple models and time for preparing.
We're also happy to work with you to capture your projects/on-going construction work, further brand development, produce content for The Levels Cafe and Holiday Homes, help manage your social medias accounts and all further product ranges.  If you'd like us to pop out for a coffee and a chat to see where we can help you with your mission we'd be more than happy to!

Candy at the Old Vic says "Hi  back!" by the way and says she can't wait to come out when you open again!
Thank you!
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