What is a Plextrum?
The Plextrum (plextrum.com) differs from a regular guitar plectrum with core differences designed to make playing a guitar more comfortable by reducing hand fatigue. It has a patented hinge mechanism which produces a smoother strumming experience. It also produced also a higher quality sound so if you're looking for that unique edge to your fellow guitarists, check these out!
How(!?) we hear you cry! 
Science. When the string is under tension from the Plextrum the hinge mechanism material provides the resistance. With a regular plectrum, the strings are dampened by the users fingers. Flesh and bone have a higher sound absorption coefficient than the materials in the Plextrum.
Other benefits
The benefit of the moving tongue stops the tip of the Plextrum catching on the strings of your instrument and improves the angle at which the tongue strikes the strings. The thicker body of the Plextrum means it is easier to grip than a regular pick. The body is textured for added grip which reduces fatigue when playing for long periods and is beneficial for players with small hands or with limited dexterity. Will it make you play any better? Well, in same way that buying and using a new guitar will make you a better guitarist, the Plextrum won't increase your skill more than practice and perseverance will. What it will do for you is make playing more comfortable for longer periods ensuring you can get hours of practice in!
Plextrums come in three materials and to discuss which one is better is a more of a "horses for courses" approach: Acetal has less natural friction, Nylon gives you more feel and Polycarbonate is grippier on the strings. Strictly speaking the three materials are aimed at the types of strings you use. You can read more about this on the Plextrum website.

Product Photography
Shot on a white background with product isolation from an accurate workpath. These shots are primarily for the Primary Product Images on the Plextrum Website and provide flexibility when using in further graphic design work on posters, banners etc. We have also shot further angles and lifestyle images for multiple images to be used at their leisure on their product page image carousels.
Lifestyle or Action Shots
Lighting the subject and getting the right angles so the product isn't in shadow or obscured more than it should be whilst in use is important.
Can I get a Plextrum to review?
Please use the contact form on the Plextrum website to get in touch with them and tell them who you are to discuss this.
Need Product Photography or promotional content like this? Get in touch with us using the contact form.
Thank you!
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