The subject for this course's film was Laura "Neil" Thornton. Laura is a County Level Pool Player who plays for Somerset, playing at National Level where they have won the Nationals a couple of time. Laura also has an England Team Trial this year for which we wish her all the best! You can read more about the National Team here.
Below you can see some behind the scenes shots taken on the course by Justin. Further down you can see the final edit of the film that, with very minor direction, was planned, storyboarded and shot by the attendees on the Make A Film In A Day course.  The day started with introductions, how to make a short film, planning, talking about the questions to ask the client and then narrowing down a lot of questions to what was felt was the most important ones. There is a big learning aspect for total beginners, from camera settings and various lenses to lighting to the sound recording and more.
The edit was started so the attendees could get an idea and see what the editing software looks like and was completed by Kevin and Justin after the course.

Laura Thornton lining up a shot on-location at The Duke in Bridgwater for the Make A Film In A Day shoot.

Moving to the Location Shoot aspect of the day, getting outside with the kit in the sunshine has it's own challenges but the team did fantastically!
Some behind the scenes video was also shot which enabled Justin to produce an additional film about the Make A Film In A Day with Somerset Film Course.
Somerset Film is an education charity and film production company dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through film and digital technology. To find out more head to the website.
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