Dr Harper has always harboured a curiosity about what truly enhances the quality of life for individuals, particularly in terms of their health. With a robust background in alternative medicine, she initially pursued qualifications in naturopathy and osteopathy, eventually earning a scholarship to delve into acupuncture. This breadth of knowledge has proven invaluable, especially in their exploration of Feng Shui, where Suzanne discovered parallels between acupuncture principles and those of Feng Shui, albeit with distinct practical applications. Additionally, her practice of Chi Kung, akin to Tai Chi, revolves around tapping into the natural energies surrounding us and channeling them within the body for wellness and vitality. Her studies in NLP and hypnosis have heightened her awareness of the symbolic significance embedded in everyday objects, subtly shaping our subconscious. Dr Harper firmly believes that Feng Shui operates, in part, by leveraging the power of the unconscious mind in a positive direction.  If you want to know more then please, by all means, head to her website and buy her book! You can get a signed paperback copy by emailing directly.
Dr Harper had a talk booked at Monkton Elm Garden Centre where she was presenting on Feng Shui in Romance for 2024.  She requested the event be filmed in full and for her to have the ability to have her slides from her laptop on a screen.  We were happy to discuss everything and plan the video and projection. Steve & Justin took both Sony Cinecams and a dslr for stills along with associated lenses and accessories, cables, mics, tripods/stands, a single panel light and projector and screen to the job.

Below is the 17 minute edit from a full 1 hour talk. If you go to Dr Suzanne Harper's YouTube Channel you'll find all these sections split up into bitesize chunks.

This is the 17 minute edit from a full 1 hour talk.

Pick up your copy of Dr Suzanne Harper's boo either from her website directly for a physical paperback copy like we have, or get it on Amazon in kindle form - Feng Shui For You: Ancient Wisdom For Modern Living.
Thank you!
If you need your event video or photography  - filming with multiple cameras for editing or filming with multiple cameras and graphics overlaid for live streaming we can do this now too with the aid of some new equipment.
Get in touch to chat about your requirements. 
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