By Justin
When I first heard Danny sing I knew he was good, not just because he was belting out Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (who I love) but his hyperactivity and energy drew me to him. He's funny too (don't tell him I said that) !  Like so many do these days, our paths first crossed virtually. I'm not even sure where or how we got to messaging: maybe I posted on one of his posts saying if he needs video to get in touch (that old classic). Danny messaged and the rest went from there.
A True Entertainer
This guy was meant to be on stage performing. Name another single performer offering a quality blend of Swing, Jazz, Jive, and Ragtime melodies right here in Somerset. We'll wait - mainly because we'd love to hear more of this vibe any time.
Danny Jukebox is effortlessly quintessential. According to his website, with an illustrious 21-year career in the music industry, he has enchanted audiences of all sizes and occasions, from intimate gatherings to grand festivals. During one of Danny Jukebox's shows you can expect timeless classics to meet contemporary charm as Danny's velvety vocals transport you through the decades. From the crooning tunes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to the electrifying beats of Michael Buble and Robbie Williams, every performance promises to captivate and make you smile.
A lot of Danny's performances are at care homes but you can find him in bars and at weddings so if you're looking to infuse your pub, club, wedding or event with sophistication, flair and a modest helping of banter, then Danny Jukebox is your man. 

Danny Jukebox @ 1921, Bridgwater | Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon Cover

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