Here's a high-precision, ultra-fine copper capacitive pen for use on ipads or other tablets. With a tip of 1.45 mm in diameter, this pen offers a more precise brush stroke and offers you a realistic handwriting experience for painting and writing notes. It has an internal elastic design with cushioning click force. The tip is an irreplaceable copper material that is more durable than rubber and it has a really useful power saving function. Just press the on/off button to be able to work directly. The device switches off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity to save its power. With only a 10 minute charge you can work for 3 hours keeping you working faster for longer. It looks good and having a clip means you can stick it in your jacket pocket or your bags pen storage preventing you to have to do that awkward bag rummage when you'r e in a meeting.... "I know it's in here somewhere..." Professional creation is as simple as a pencil. Press lightly on the top of the pen. You can open it right away and it feels like writing on real paper. Charges off a micro USB cable and everyone's got one (or ten) of those...right? Or is that just tech nerds like us? In short, this pen is very good for the price. If you need it to just take notes on your tablet then £16.99 vs the £120 for the apple pencil is a no brainer. We use it for taking notes in meetings so we can't comment on what is like for drawing but it seems accurate and fast.
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