IMPACT 20twenty is a creative content agency launched at the start prizes for guessing...2020.  Being based in Bridgwater, Somerset hasn't stopped us undertaking work in Bristol, London, Europe and the US. The agency is a division of the multiple award winning Justin Krause Photography & Film and was launched due to increasing work in the commercial sector leading to the necessity for it to become it's own independent entity in order for both businesses to breathe and expand. The agency operates with a smorgasbord of talented creatives to support businesses, large and small, as well as individuals such as accountants, solicitors, artists, DJs, producers and bands with the content and branding needed to stay relevant in their fields. This means you can concentrate on doing what you do best. 
• Photography & Film Content (inc. staff/team photography, promotional films, projects & one-offs)
• Website Design & Management
• Social Media Management
• Graphic Design (Still and Motion Graphics)
• Podcast Management (coming soon, please enquire)
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